Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So there is a little inside joke in my novel THE KING OF DIAMONDS regarding Caesars Palace.
Danny Diamond, who is known as 'The King of Diamonds,' was a regular headliner in Las Vegas at, where else: CAESARS PALACE.  As cool card characters know, the four Kings in a deck of 52  represent real royalty, with Diamonds being Caesar. So Caesar is the King of Diamonds.
Darin Diamond, the handsome young pop singer/magician ends up with his own 4000-seat showroom room,  named 'Diamond Palace,' built adjacent to The Palace of the Caesars. 

As for Darin's best friend, Patrick? Well, his role model models his relationship with Darin after Alexander the Great, and even refers to his close friend as the "King of Clubs," the Court Card representing the young Macedonian who ended up King of the Persians.

Now if all that shuffling wasn't enough to bore the shit out of you, please know that all of these lame little trifles, like the supposed meanings behind the changing colors F. Scott used in his Great Gatsby, are just that- trifling. But just in case I croak and my books are discussed in some English class, I wanted to just put it out there that-YES- I DID put these things in on purpose. My novel, like Alexander and his 'ol man Phil, is about fathers and sons. And the relationship between the young star and his best friend? Well, like Alexander and  Hephaestion  based theirs on the one between Achilles and Patroclus, so too did Darin and Patrick.     

And...for those of you curious about the sexuality of real men (like Alexander the Great and me, for example) Jeanne Reames-Zimmerman has a great take on Greek sex at

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