Thursday, March 27, 2008


So this guy who works for me, he's ringing me up while he's high on a ladder (top rung, and probably also high), as he's changing round the marquee from a magic show to a music show. And he realizes, (and just had to holler at me) that the only difference between m-US-ic and m-AG-ic is "US." Wow. heavy, no?
But since it sounded windy up there and, as I have no workers comp as he's an independent contractor  I stayed on the line, encouraging him to focus on the letters, change over the sign and then, as The Sunshine Band would say: "Get Down Tonight." 

The reason I am dragging you through this is that it just hit me: Music IS Magic! While I hate most magicians I really love so many musicians.

I can be in a crappy mood, and then, magically, a certain song comes on the radio and KUNG-POW, I am transformed. Sometimes even transported back to a time when I first fell in love with the song or whomever, but rarely do I time travel. The fact that good music can make me in a good mood magically is enough. Besides, I don't really like to think back very often. You see, I am making it a point to stay in the here and now. I don't really care what that one poet said about the past being the only dead thing that smells sweet. To me, the past smells like teen spirit. Not sweet. Maybe sweat, but not sweet. But the amazing ability a tune has to get deep inside you, and find its own place in your soul is magical. (All apologizes to Bruce Johnston on that last line. I may have lifted it from "I Write The Songs" but hey- most don't even give Bruce credit anyway).

OK, I better call Home Chicken and make sure he's back on the ground. Perhaps I can get him thinking about the 'Sweet-Sweat" conundrum. That'll keep him grounded...I hope.    

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