Sunday, March 30, 2008


A penny isn't really copper...not anymore. Prior to 1982, pennies contained 95% copper which, at today's prices, is like about 2.5 cents per coin. Not bad, huh? Because of the rise in copper prices (and, I suspect, some politically strong interests in Congressional districts where zinc in mined), our new pennies are 97%+ zinc. But you gotta love our Federal Government, no? Today's zinc prices are now at an all-time high (there is about 1.5 cents worth of zinc in our newly minted pennies). But all is not lost, because while the US Mint looses money on pennies and nickels ( which are loaded with copper, too) they make up for it on the bigger coins that have a face value higher than their intrinsic value, and, of course, make a killing on paper money. 

But here's what I don't get--- THE PENNY.

 Who the hell wants 'em? And come on- most of us understand that when a store sells something for $4.99, it's really five bucks, right? Riight?

So I had an idea- why doesn't some town declare itself the "Penny Capital of the World" and start buying-up pennies? They could display them, stack them, even hot glue them to things.

"Roll on into _____________, Arkansas, for a vacation you won't soon forget. Don't be pound foolish-to coin a phrase-plan your trip now." Maybe they could get CHIPS star Eric Estrada to star in the commercials? Or, better yet, George Bush. He's open, right?

You can't  melt them. No sir- that would be against the law. If you have mineral rights to an ore mine,  buy-off your Congressman and you're good to go, but remember to 'call before you dig,' you dig?

The town of Branson Missouri- a place I've come to love and respect for their love and respect of America-should seriously consider doing the penny thing. There are a few performers there not worth a cent, but things are changing. And some change is good.         

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