Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I am told that when a very young Buddy Holly insisted on playing violin in his family's band (an instrument the toddler hadn't yet mastered), they waxed his bow, thereby allowing the kid to saw away on stage, yet not making any sound. The term "wax his bow," means to silence somebody while still allowing them to play along. 

So, in a continuing (and increasingly futile) effort to try not 
to come off like a jerk, I would ask you to continue to read whatever strikes your fanny, er, um, I mean, fancy, but know that this blog is merely a small part of a larger project, a source from which I hope to glean pop content to be used in a novel I'm writing. So, yea, keep on checkin it out and I'll try to keep on keepin' it real, but maybe just wax your bow, no? 

Or, better yet, wax your boo! 

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