Monday, March 3, 2008


I'm just sayin' attention, and your life might start to make sense.
Quick story- Back in 1992 my friend introduced me to a guy who was passing through Las Vegas. Nice kid, needed a shower, though. His name was Chris. He asked me to call him 'Christopher," and, after telling him that Christopher was what my ol man wanted to name me (it ended up in the middle, which is cool), my new friend spent the rest of the evening addressing me as Christopher. I paid him like $40 to clean my pool, for which he was thankful. And? he swam some laps in lieu of the shower. I spent, what? A total of two hours with the guy, but I will never forget him. Not ever.


 FADE IN> It is Fall, 2006 and my wanna-be rep is encouraging me to see the film 'Into the Wild' based on the book of the same name, about the all-too-brief life of Chris McCandelles. My Christopher. In the film, EMILE HIRSCH plays Chris, and I was encouraged to consider Emile as I re-write my novel: 'The Magical Life of Darin Diamond' into a screenplay. I dig Emile Hirsch. So full of life, so...male. In a world full of Hollywood homos (that is, guys who have seemed to have lost touch with what it means to be a guy), Emile is the real deal. In fact, he's the nuts. My friend Frank Marino claims that I like guys who remind me of "littler versions" of myself. And as I love Frank-I just do-, I do take him seriously, even when he's bein mean. So, yea, I see Emile, and the late Christopher, as me, or I see a bit of me in them. That's what life is about, no?
So if you need a map, that is, if you're looking for a pattern- by all means, go to a psychiatrist. I love shrinks. Most of 'em are nuttier than squirrel turds, but, why not? Or-better yet- pay attention to what you do, and notice what and who comes into your life. And then, when you find yourself at the latest stupid hot bar in Hollywood, and some dumbass tries to convince you that whatever you're feeling is a sign from above, just have another Jack Daniel, blur your eyes and do your best to try to take- in the vision of the mosaic that is your life.

Christopher taught me that---'wild,' huh?   

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