Friday, March 21, 2008


The Garden of Gethsemane must not have been a walk in the park. Unlike say, Eden, this place, on that Friday, couldn't have been all that Good. But, to quote one of my favorite songs, it was 'Part of the Plan.' 

My editor just called to tell me she's finished reading my novel, "The King of Diamonds: The Magical Life of Darin Diamond." She called me a "very creative writer." To borrow a Good Friday line, "You have said it and in time you will see..."

She didn't get the reference. Oy Vey!

My book will be made available for FREE downloads starting in July. And, as a screenplay is being written (NOT by me) based on my story of the Pop singer-turned illusionist, it might be fun to see how the source material goes over.

I wish you a GOOD FRIDAY. Heck, let's try to make it a GREAT ONE!

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