Monday, March 24, 2008


  I always thought I'd be in my 50's, have a few mil or so stuffed away and then I'd tell the Mrs. that I was heading up to the cabin in Tahoe to work on my novel.

Man, was I ever wrong!

My first thing longer than a long-ish short story, "The King Of Diamonds," was written in Winter of 2006 -straight from the heart at a time when I forced myself to bang-out an entertaining story about the entertainment business.  It isn't a first draft, but damn close. I did find a way to make an end run around the traditional writing and re-re-re-re-writing. In fact, my novel, a show business scrapbook really, just flowed. I wrote the reviews of the singing magician first and then filled-in the blanks with narrative. No, it's NOT really about Darren Romeo, although I think he'll see parts of himself in it. 

Now that I sold an option to use my little book as the basis of a Hollywood film starring-possibly-(and hopefully) young Emile Hirsch, we are moving quickly to make the book available online.

Please keep an eye on the HOUSE OF H2O for the details on how to download the novel this Summer. For my friends in the business, and all fans of Hollywood, Las Vegas, Don Imus, magic, pop music, and anyone else interested in reading about an "impossibly handsome young man" dating a Victoria's Secret Supermodel, here's hoping you'll dig 'King Of Diamonds.' In creating this thing, I fell totally and completely in love with Darin Diamond. He has become the super-talented  superstar I always wanted to manage and watch succeed. Here's hoping you'll fall in love, too.   

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