Sunday, March 16, 2008


 So I sat up all night while my bro Bela and his G-friend fiddled-around with the camera that would eventually capture my image. No, really. It was 4:45AM,and, after much effort, yelling, dog washing, we got THE SHOT. It is me, with my favorite white dog in all of the world. Only problem was while we were waiting and waiting and waiting for Big Bela to get his schtick together, my four-legged friend and I, while playing by the pool, somehow clunked heads, leaving the dog feeling kinda blue and my left eye pretty black. And it wasn't pretty.

 To the makers of Lorcet-Plus and the inventors of the JagerBomb, my eye thanks you.

I think that it is only fair that the best shot of the long night is me and my black eye, on the floor with my white dog friend. Seriously. It is a good shot. I have done my best to sit still for photo shoots over the past 20 years, and last night's will go down as one of the best...and worst. 

Well, let's let you decide, no? Afterall, you're the one who wanted to see a proper picture. I've got some pretty good ones, but they, like me, are getting old.

Stand-by for the images. OK brother Bela, that's your cue to email

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