Monday, March 31, 2008


This blog isn't edited. Sometimes it isn't spell-checked.

What this is is (I just said 'is is') as direct a link between my brain and my Mac as I can get. You see- THAT's the idea, to try my best to put thoughts on the screen in a straight line, without the effort to re-write and re-think the thought.  

If you wanna know w'sup, come here. I tell it like I think it, often working-in lyrics, movie lines and blurbs for my soon-to-be released "THE KING OF DIAMONDS: THE MAGICAL LIFE OF DARIN DIAMOND, " which is a show business fantasy I hope you'll like.

Also, I am up early in the morning, pounding away at "CONDO- THE KINDA TRUE STORY OF HOW LAS VEGAS GOT HIGH." The new book is about a 20-year-old Mormon, Brad Hughes, who inherits a condominium complex located just off the Las Vegas Strip. The book opens with 30-something attorney- Roy Richards, hearing the sweet voice of Lady Luck, who guides him through the casinos. Add-in my favorite character in the book, Chy Rivers, who is a super-sexy "kept" man, who causes the female neighbors to hang-out on their balconies waiting for this 'hottie' to take a swim, or just take a walk, and a pretty, young dancer who moves-in
straight from graduating from BYU, and a wacky, disabled doctor who is over-prescribing as he wheels through the lives of these residents, and you end up with 'Melrose Place,' except instead of LA it's LV, and my characters are way better looking, fabulously flawed and seriously funny... at least I HOPE SO. 

CONDO is the sexiest,druggiest, booziest thing I've ever tried to write.  The first 100 pages is the written equivalent of an Abecrombie & Fitch ad, if THAT makes any sense. (Word on the street is that Abercrombie is cool, but that Fitch is a real prick!)

OK, that said, please continue to check-in to see what I'm thinking. 

Or not. After several requests, I HAVE added a few photos. Some I shot with the Mac Photo Booth---hope you're not too disappointed. I promise to fluff-up the hair and use some Guy-liner and shoot off some new ones.     

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